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Hello friends!

My name is Antonina Surova. I have two favorite activities - fashion and travel.

I and my daughter Stanislava Surova created this blog to write on these two themes. I deal with the creative part, and she - with the technical support of the blog. In fact, she has some interesting ideas in fashion, but rarely realize them as a final products. She has other interests, but maybe one day she will get more creative inspiration.

I love to travel a lot. Especially I like traveling in exotic destinations. Until today I have visited 57 countries. I share my travel experience and adventures in this blog. I like to observe people in different countries, how they live, how they look like, how they behave. Historical and natural attractions also interest me, especially the flora and fauna.
My interests on fashion I realize in my two boutiques named "ANNA". This was my mother"s name. All of the goods are in my design, and some of them are made by myself. There are things made of Stanislava when she received inspiration.
Boutiques "ANNA" offer clothing and accessories for ladies. I like products that have "art sence", those in which you can feel the touch of a human hand, not just the machine. Therefore, our products have a lot of hand embroideries, laces, hand-painted items, appliques. This makes them UNIQUE! All the goods are in single copies. I make them for my pleasure. That's why I don't work on demand. The margins, which I set when define prices are minimal. Because of this I do not do discounts.

If you want to see what is available in boutiques "ANNA" Follow us on Facebook.

Our Boutiques are in

4230 Asenovgrad, Rechna str. # 34



4023 Plovdiv, Trade Center "Detski Sviat - II floor"